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Meet the Artists


Jami Pietila

Jami has always had an interest in the creative arts. Over the years- she has made wedding cakes, crocheted and sewn blankets for shelters and hospitals, designed a variety of different jewelry styles, taken 1000's of photos during her travels around the world, written educational summer programs for local youth, and scrapbooked the lives of her family and friends.

Jami loves taking care of her family and spending time with them. She also enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Artist Jessica Pietila

Jessica Pietila

Jessica grew up in a home filled with art & crafts supplies so expressing herself creatively has always been a part of her everyday life. She enjoys crocheting, machine embroidery, sewing, art journaling, needlepoint, watercolor, and hand lettering.

Jessica graduated with a web design degree in 2012. She specialized in color theory, design and composition, typography, and digital photography.

In 2014, she discovered the crazy world of mixed media art and never looked back. A self taught artist and color enthusiast, Jessica enjoys experiementing with new products and discovering fun ways to incorporate them with her favorite supplies. Her work is a blend of times gone by, pops of color, and hand drawn elements from her imagination.

When Jessica is not in her studio- she loves reading, watching movies, writing in her journal, being outside in nature, and spending time with family and friends.

Follow Jessica's creative journey on Instagram - @mngirl2791


Kaitlyn Pietila

Kaitlyn has been drawing her entire life. As a child, she would spend hours doodling on her magnetic tablet! She has taken many drawing classes using different mediums to improve her skills and develop her unique drawing style.

Kaitlyn enjoys bright colors, jigsaw puzzles, and listening to music in her free time.


Follow Kaitlyn on Instagram - @katerbox21