Dina Wakley Media Glazing Medium, 1oz bottle

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Dina Wakley Glazing Medium is a fluid, slow drying medium ideal for extend the open time of paints and creating layered glazed effects. It can also be used to thin out paint and increase paint transparency.

Use Glazing Medium to create layers of paint as well as add a glazed effect to mixed media projects.


arts and crafts products made in the usa


  •  Glazing Medium 
  •  Cleans up easily with water
  •  Acid Free
  •  Non toxic
  •  Conforms to ASTM D4236
  •  Made in the USA

Key Techniques

  • Paint extender: Use for extending the open time of acrylic paints
  • Paint transparency: Mix with acrylic paints to increase paint transparency
  • Glaze: Use on top of mixed media projects to create a glaze effect