iZink 24 Carats Diamond Glitter Paint - Yellow 80319

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Embellish everything and enjoy the sparkle!

iZink Diamond 24 Carats Glitter Paint takes glamour to new heights with special laser cut glitter which provides even more sparkle. The glitter colors are enhanced to provide additional shimmer along with the traditional glitter sparkle.

Use this glitter paste-like medium through stencils, scrape on a surface with a palette knife, apply with a brush, or even paint with your fingers!

Permanently fix on glass, metal, or ceramics by putting in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Washable on tote bags, clothing, and all textiles... no heat set needed!  Wash on cold for best results.



iZink products were developed in collaboration with renowned New York mixed-media Artist Seth Apter.