Posca 1M Bullet Tip Paint Markers

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Color: Black - 1M tip

Posca markers are a tool for expressing one’s creativity in virtually any way imaginable. 

Providing a clear, precise line and beautiful color, the Posca line of paint markers are appreciated by artists, creative hobbyists, interior design amateurs, surfers and skaters, and children!

Perfect for writing, doodling, journaling, and drawing... This opaque felt tip marker has been tested on over 50 surfaces including canvas, metal, surfboards, rocks and so much more.

Posca water-based markers are odorless, toxic-free and safe for children to use.  Unlike alcohol-based marker ink, the Posca paint pens will not bleed.

Posca’s paint is water-based, odorless, made without alcohol or solvents and ACMI certified.  In fact, Posca is so safe that beekeepers use Posca markers to identify the queen in beehives. A color corresponds to each year which enables them to determine the insect’s age.


  • Opaque paint pen
  • 1M = Extra-Fine, Tapered Bullet Tip
  • Available in a variety of colors, each sold separately
  • Non-Toxic and Odorless
  • Waterproof on porous surfaces