Tim Holtz Mined Alloy

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Alloys are reflective metallic inks specially formulated with unique metal powders to create intense metallic highlights when combined with Alcohol Inks and Alcohol Blending Solution on non-porous surfaces.

Ideal for multiple surfaces including glossy paper, dominoes, metal, foil, Yupo paper, found objects, glass, or other non-porous surfaces.


  • .5 fl. oz. Bottles
  • Multi-Surface Inks
  • Precision Tips
  • Quick Drying
  • Acid Free

We do not recommend using Alcohol Inks, Mixatives, Pearls, Alloys, or Alcohol Ink Blending Solution in spray bottles as these products contain alcohol and should not be airborne. 





Looking for a Storage Solution for all these bottles?

This 6" x 6" x 3" storage tin is sized to hold up to 30 - .5 oz bottles

tim holtz alcohol ink storage tin